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Sparx runs Hard As Nails records with Resh and mainly focuses on the production of experimental Hard Nrg and Hardhouse. He began listening to hard house at the age of 14 and since then has co run a night club night at Birminghams ‘Sanctuary’ nightclub called Emergence (sadly no more)

Releases from Sparx have been on labels such as ’The Beatranch’ based in Ontario, Canada, U.K Based ‘Raw Power Recordings’, his own label the infamous ‘Hard As Nails Records’ and also on ‘Renewable NRG’ a Australian label based in Brisbane.  In the past Sparx released two vinyls with Dj Resh on the flip side which sold internationally ‘H.A.N 001′ which was in the top of the hard dance chart for over a month. And H.A.N 002 which featured Sparx’s solo ‘Satans Little Helper’ which gained strange, and rave reviews due to its unusually hard weird nature.

Sparx has dj’ed at numerous free parties and also ‘Crank’ a Birmingham based Hard Nrg night at the custard factory in Birmingham, also ‘Vision’ in Staffordshire and ’Shine’  @PLUG in Birmingham. Sparx has been interviewed 3 times in his career by Syrus of ‘Totally Trashed’ and also by Brian J (Dj Destructo) of The Beatranch Digital. Sparx and Dj Resh opened the Hard As Nails studio based at Muthers studio in Birmingham a few years ago, which very soon will be open to other Artists.


Sparx ‘Satans Little Helper’ (Hard As Nails)
Sparx and Riggsy ‘Electric Shock’ (Hard as Nails)
Sista X and Sparx ‘Fuck The Rules’ (Hard As Nails)
James Taff And Sparx ‘Eviseration’(Hard As Nails)
Nocturnal Disorder And Sparx ‘Beoram’ (Renewable NRG)
GemStone ,Steve Hewitt And Sparx ‘Look At My Growler’(Raw Power Recordings)
Sista X And Sparx ‘Off The Radar’ (renewable NRG)
Sparx And Sista X ‘Inferno’ (The Beatranch)
Sparx And Riggsy ‘Adrenaline’(The Beatranch)
Defective Audio And Sparx ‘ Fusion Zone’ (Hard As Nails Nailgun 003 CD)
Sparx And Nocturnal Disorder ‘Cant Walk Away’ (Hard As Nails)
Sparx And Riggsy ‘ Satan’ (Blood poisoning Mix) (Hard As Nails)
General Lee And Sparx ‘ Energy Surge’(The Beatranch)

Mixes availble from Sparx are entitled ‘Nuclear NRG’ and ‘Hard And Messy)



Ricardo Van Valker [Richard Walker] formerly known as DJ Resh: Techno/Tech Trance/Hard House DJ & Producer
Record Label Hard As Nails/Hard As Nails Tech

Launching his career in 2002 he was playing at areas such as Coventry, ,Lincoln, Cheltenham, Ibiza,Birmingham
DJ’ing at club nights such as Distorted Identities Shaft,Shine,Crank,Crafty.and many other nights in his home town of West Midlands.
Recently playing to sell out crowds at The Bulldog Bash 2009 Distorted Identities at Long Marston Airfield Ibiza
Ricardo Van Valker [Richard Walker] going under the name DJ Resh began to make his own tracks such as ‘The Prophecy’ A tune favoured by Lisa Pin Up during its first release and in Samples Bill Hicks famous drugs speech ‘ I just laughed my ass off and went about my day!”The Prophecy’ became one of the biggest Hard Dance tune of all time selling out copies worldwide
In 2005, Ricardo Van Valker [Richard Walker] teamed up with Xtension owner Riggsy to make Flatliner. The track was re-mixed by Tidy DJs-JP & Juksey, Flatliner quickly became a club classic and is regularly played by all the big Hard Dance DJs. After starting a Record label with Jedi Distribution’s, He went on to have releases with Xtension Records and download label, Scum.
Ricardo Van Valker [Richard Walker] and up and coming up with DJ / Producer Sparx and started Hard As Nails Records one of the leading Hard House labels. After sell-out releases the label went Hard As Nail records went digial.
In 2008 had 9 tracks out..
In 2009 Ricardo Van Valker [Richard Walker] started a new label Hard As Nails Tech bringing you a unique sound in techno/tech trance and going under four Producer names such as Ricardo Van Valker [Tech Trance] Baron von Tecniq [Tech House] Technician [Techno].

So what does the future hold for Ricardo Van Valker
More & More gigs at the countries favourite club events, studio dates and smashing releases Ricardo will continue to work hard and tear up dance floors

vegasSimon Vegas

Simon Vegas start DJing in Dec 2001 with a pair of second had belt drives and a stack of old vinyl! Within 5 months he had already hit the clubs and has never looked back since. Starting out at a Frisky Family members night in Northampton, he’d soon starting picking up regular sets in the area at Hoover, Sphere and Spectrum before sunning his own parties are venues in Milton Keynes and Northampton. 12 months later held residencies at Ignition and Fidget and was guesting all over the midlands for the likes of Insomniacz, Fierce, Jellybeanz, Hardboiled, and generally all over the fuckin place. His passion for the music, energetic style of mixing and all out mayhem behind the decks lead to sets all over the midlands and London, and residencies at CyberKitten, Darkness Calls, Panic Attack, Wired… soon followed along with a diary that had him playing out up to and over 15 times a month.

By the 2006 he’d hammered it home at some of the best Hard Dance events the UK has to offer with sets at Polysexual, Storm, Frantic, B2T, Terminal, Love Muzik and Bedlam as well as solid local nights all through the midlands, including High Voltage, Incisions, Wired, Rage, Afterlife, Torque and a whole host of new residencies and constant repeat bookings to compliment what he’d already achieved.

At the end of 2006, after a soirée into the lucid sounds of breakbeat Simon put away his NRG powertools and began to focus more on his DJ duo with Justin Normus, as they took their breaks sound around the country. Taking their eclectic mix of breakbeat to house orientated dance floors across the country, they went from strength to strength; impressing clubbers and promoters alike with the unique sound and style. Residencies at DirtyFlirty, Shine, Smashed, Beakcheck and Disturbance and sets at Funk Deluxe, Gatecrasher, E;Volve, Warped, Torque and in Ibiza amongst others ensured a DJ schedule as hectic as ever. 2007 and 2008 were Simon’s years of breakbeat glory…

Fastforward to early 2009, and although his duo with Justin Normus was still kicking, his focus had again changed and a solo project was on the way focusing on a more eclectic mix of house, breaks, tech, fidget, electro and big room electronica. Choosing the intimate setting of up and coming nights and free parties by now Simon was Djing for the pure love of the music, and enjoyment of a set and not interested in pushing the politics driven club scene. It was in this time that he and long time acquaintance Sparx were re-introduced through mutual muso Jenny aka Sista X, and after some drunken nights Simon’s hard house productions caught Sparx ear. A shared ethos towards Djing, music and partying hard lead to Sparx signing a chuck of his tracks, and Simon’s passion for the music he once commanded was re-ignited. With an ever burning passion for Djing, and new focus to boot the powertools have been dusted off, and are hungry for mayhem! Watch this space!

Gem Stone

Gem Stone began mixing at the tender age of 15 and never looked back: she’s spent the last nine years honing her DJing skills and today is one of hard house’s freshest and hardest up and coming female DJ’s. Her infectious blend of fast and furious hard house tracks has been lapped up by dancefloors across the UK for over four years now and she’s a superb and dedicated performer behind the decks.

Gem’s signature style is hard kicks, driving basslines, fat synths and acid lines which set her apart from other emerging DJ’s. She cites her influences as Ben Stevens, Paul Glazby, Frank Farrell and Grady G.

Gem’s had her fair share of major club appearances: she hit the mainstream in 2006 when she won the Sundissential and Clubbed Up DJ competition and since then has played at events like Sundissential’s 10th Birthday, Frantic Vs Twist, The Bulldog Bash Festival, Full Tilt, Gravity, Sin:ergy Meets Tidy as well as many other smaller nights around the UK. Gem has also appeared on Clubbed Up Radio and showcased her skills in Ibiza, where she played at Play2 nightclub for Charlys Angelz.

In the last two years Gem has also turned her hand to production and has established herself as an inspired and inventive producer of hard house tunes. She’s released tracks both on her own and in collaboration with respected fellow producers Riggsy, Frank Farrell, WhiteHayz, Steve Hewitt, Infraction and Hi Freak1c on labels The Beat Ranch Digital, Scum NRG, Mad Cow, Xtention and Raw Power. She’s immensely successful for a new producer: her track “Well Done Pablo”, produced with Steve Hewitt, has gone straight to the top of the NRG chart on She’s in demand as a remixer too: her remix of the Trauma Vs Paul Glazby tune “Fuck Em All” has been included on The Hard Heart Beat CD released in June 2008 . Gem has a string of further releases in the pipeline that are sure to make her name as a defining and influential music maker – watch this space.

She isn’t stopping at that, either – on top of her time spent producing, Gem has last year also launched a digital record label, Raw Power Recordings, with fellow DJ and producer Steve Hewitt. Raw Power Recordings is signing both established and emerging hard house artists as well as Gem and Steve’s new releases. All Raw Power releases will be available for download from &


Gem Stone & Matt Hilton – Alone (The Beat Ranch Digital)
Gem Stone & Riggsy – Differentiate (Xtention Records)
Gem Stone & Riggsy – Rusty Spoon (Mad Cow Records)
Gem Stone & Frank Farrell – La Cerveza (The Beat Ranch Digital)
Gem Stone & Riggsy – Greasy Chicken (Mad Cow Records)
Gem Stone & Infraction – Nutrino (Raw Power)
Gem Stone, Steve Hewitt & Matt edwards – Cyber Spider (Raw Power)
Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt Vs WhiteHayz – Psionic (Raw Power)
Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt Vs Hi Freak1c – Deprived (Raw Power)
Gem Stone – Stormin (Scum NRG)
Gem Stone – Chaotic (Scum NRG)
Gem Stone, Steve Hewitt, Infraction & Matt Edwards – Red (Raw Power)
Gem Stone – You’re Dead
Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt – Ironic (Raw Power)
Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt – Kill Swtich (Spin Hard)
Gem Stone, Steve Hewitt & Matt Edwards – Red
Gem Stone, Steve Hewitt & Matt Edwards – Sunday Roast
Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt – Well Done Pablo (Digital Disko)
Gem Stone, Steve Hewitt & Ann Tsoulli – Hello Dave


Trauma Vs Paul Glazby – Fuck Em All (Gem Stone Remix) (Hard Heart Beat)
Firefox Vs Wildfire – Floor Eater (Gem Stone Remix) (The Beat Ranch Digital)
Jeff Sealey & Dan Dyson – 11-11 (Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt Remix) (The Beat Ranch Digital)
Nocturnal Disorder – Madness Of Your Mind (Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt’s Pussy Whipped Remix) (HTD Digital)
Darrell White – Hypnotize (Gem Stone & Steve Hewitt Remix) (Forthcoming on Raw Power)
Steve Hewitt & Riggsy – Finally (Raw Power) (Gem Stone Remix)


Stu is the Hard As Nails Promotional and Events photographer, he is also a spotter for Check out for more info.

leonGeneral Lee

The djing journey started when he took part in the now legendary Saturday Afternoon Fluffy DJ Competition @
Bar 2 Sixty back in 2001. He made the final despite barely even playing out before. This kick started being booked
regularly at Fluffy and other bars around Birmingham. During the next couple of years he had regular bookings
in the local area playing out house to hard dance. Also during this period he held a residency at Time in Redditch,
playing out to hundreds on a weekly basis.

It was in 2003 he went to work in San Antonio, Ibiza to try and further his djing. He played at various bars there
during that summer. When he came back to England, after gaining valuable experience, he teamed up with Pearce M.
What followed was 3 crazy years of playing back to back together at just about every major event in the Midlands,
from Polysexual, Sundissential, B2T and the massive gay pride event to afterclubs such as Afters at Subway, Shaft
(of which he was a resident) and Shine. They became known for their versatility and fun energetic sets and were not
only booked for hard dance gigs but also booked at house events. He was also a regular DJ at Bambu, one of the most
glamourous house clubs in Birmingham. Also during this hectic period, whenever he had any bits of spare time he
started delving into the big wide world of dance music production, making cheeky bootlegs and intros for his sets.

In the summer of 2006 he went to work abroad again in Zante, Greece and was a resident DJ at Amnesia, one of the
largest dance clubs on the island. When he came back home he decided to calm down on the djing somewhat and explore
the music production side a bit more seriously. This has culminated in a string of productions being supported by
other DJs and also releases on Hubcab records, Hit The Deck Digital and Hard As Nails.
Indeed his first solo production release entitled Bad Dream on Hit The Deck achieved top 20 status in the charts. The review on the website compared the tune to a BK production, high praise indeed!
For his latest release he has teamed up with Hard As Nails boss Sparx on a beastly production called Energy Surge.
This is currently out on Hard As Nails. Expect more productions from him in the future!


Syrus started out by mixing small bits of techno producing some of his own tunes and playing them live through Ableton, after a few months syrus thought he didnt want this he wanted something he could feel and really relate to.
at the tender age of 11 syrus set out to do such a task, by the time he was 13 he was known for his hard pumping house,
many people said it was his passion,even though at the time kids his age really didnt understand it!

Syrus progressed onto mixing and producing more and more throughout his high school years
he wasnt like any of the other lads who were either into football or motorcross, not wanting to be a sheep like the rest and although he took a lot of grief for it Syrus played in a few places in Coventry like ‘graduates’and ‘nexus’ doing live p.a.

At the age of 14 Syrus was already starting to get people really listening to him though he still got stick for the music he made and his alternative style of dressing. he landed himself a online radio show with a he was getting a real following and he started feeling like he was really achieving something.

When he was 16 his life started to spiral out control at home and at school, he became homeless and started living rough, while to to others this would have been the end, Syrus decided while in a hostel that he wasnt giving up…. as he started to build his music back up despite his situation and this time his music wasnt just hard house it was hard nrg, music as relentless and passionate as he is!Syrus thought to himself that he needed to rebel against society, the whole system through music…… he needed to focus on the music he loved so much and get as far as he could within the scene. But in such a closed scene it was a while until he found anybody who could help him get involved.

About a year on Syrus spoke to legendary Birmingham engineer Riggsy and they spoke for a while and Riggsy invited him to Dj at a private party…. thats when it all changed for the better,
Syrus then started networking with other people in the scene and thats were he meet his new friends and his future manager, Syrus started to keep in touch with everyone but one person stood out from the rest,his name was Sparx and through the time Syrus and Sparx have spent talking there has been a lot done and through Sparx ,Syrus was introduced to some of the Hard As Nails Dj Team.General Lee, Eddie Izzad, Resh, Simon Vegas and Nocturnal Disorder. Syrus had a think about this situation and then though that this was the start of something big.

Now Syrus is working hard with Hard As Nails and soon to have tracks released and to play to the maddest crowds that can be gathered. And he’s walking proof that eventually it pays to be different!


From a very early age, Glynn Alan, AKA Initialize has had an undescribable passion for music. Before understanding the concept of mixing, he produced a numerous amount of compositions on the keyboard.

From the age of 15, Glynn expressed a huge interest in the technicalty and beauty of electronic music. Utilising this passion, he began mixing Hard House, Trance, House and Electro.

At the age of 18, he took a loan out in his name especially to get his first pair of decks. Technics 1210 MK2′s. From then on, all he ever did was play them every night and day. It sometimes resulted in sets at small bars and private events, but he knew this would pay off eventually….

Playing and hosting many private parties and also a regular attender of Passion, Gods Kitchen, Sundissential and many more gave him the opportunity to mix in with the right crowd. Mixes reached the owners of some of the biggest events in the UK and the majority of interest came at the back end of 2009

He was booked for JFK & Garbo’s Devotion in December 2009, The famous D:Railed’s New Year afterparty and many many more.

On the production side, Sparx and Resh have taken him under their wings to help him produce his much wanted first release. He will be working alongside some of the finest artists of Hard As Nails this year for his first release and intends to produce many more in years to come. With the guidance of the Hard As Nails team and Glynn’s passion for music, there will be a treat in store very soon.

Watch this space!